Onboarding with KYC, KYS, AML, PEP, CSR and more

Perform the mandatory checks and the onboarding process with ease with a few simple steps and as few steps as possible.


Add your supplier or business partner within 60 seconds! Enter just the basic data and you are ready.

Data banks

Connections to, e.g., the latest and official files of the EU sanction list, the FBI Most Wanted and all Interpol lists.


You will receive a notification via E-Mail when your supplier or client has entered the required data.

Highly adaptable

You need something special via an API? Or you would like to run it on-premise within your network? We got you.

Web-based Tool

No installation of any Software or purchasing credits. You only need to create user accounts, and you can start with checking your suppliers or customers.

Cloud hosted in the EU

We can deploy on a Server in Luxembourg, Germany or wherever you would like to. Currently, hosted compliant with GDPR in Luxembourg within a Tier IV Datacenter with ISO 27001 & ISO 50001 + many more certifications.

Algorithm ready for AI

With the algorithm already calculating a risk-score based on all entered data, in the near future, Supplier Sentinel will be backed with AI.

Secure and tamperproof

Once the data entered, it can never be deleted. If changes were made, which sometimes are needed, will be marked with date, time, User and are highlighted.

Low-Code / No-Code

To run the Supplier Sentinel smooth and simple and to implement updates fast, the code behind is reduced to the minimum.

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Your Investment

Tailor-made for your company. Adaptable to your needs with API connections. For example, the services from Dun & Bradstreet can be implemented for your Supplier Sentinel Web App. Below you find some pricing examples for the specific basic version and with one User included. Implementation costs calculated separately. Transaction charges per transaction apply. Modifications and other changes like the colour scheme, adding the company logo will be charged extra. Ask us for a transparent and cost-efficient quote.

Lawyers | Tax Consultants

Perform the by law required KYC process with automated checks against sanction files, criminal lists and more.
/ month

Automated checks

Weekly checks in the background

Fully digital for you and your clients


Onboard your supplier or business partner fully digital and fulfil already today your obligations coming in the near future.
/ month

Full digital onboarding process

Algorithms calculating a risk score

All your suppliers in one tool. Any time. Everywhere

Enterprise | Banks | Insurance

All your suppliers and customers in one tool. Adapt the Supplier Sentinel to your needs and take a step closer to a full digital company.
/ month

No installation of the next software

Scalable for your needs

Get rid of manual processes


Enjoy the best technologies and functions combined

For your trust in us and our technology, we are part of the Microsoft Founders Hub. With our commitment to delivering top-notch technology-driven tools, we have access to the securest, fastest and growing network of Server locations. In addition, we are only using the latest products from Microsoft. For your success.

Award-winning solution

In November 2022, we received the Award “Best Supply Chain Innovation” for Supplier Sentinel. 

Data science (as a service)

Do you plan a project which includes Data Science? Or have a specific need? Get in touch with us and we support you.

Artificial Intelligence (as a service)

You are keen to know more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is not a buzzword for us. We support you with your AI needs. Write to us.

Cybersecurity (as a service)



Have a look in which networks we are engaged and what’s behind the Cluster for Logistics. Furthermore, have a look at our Group website, where everything ties together.